ZDI BookList app for iPhone!

A simple app to keep track of the books you've read and the ones you want to read! Keep a library of books by author, with support for books in different series. You can rate your books, keep track of which books you own, and even if you've loaned them out to a friend!

Adding books is simple, and you can just tap the title and change it to save the next book by that author or in that series.

New version coming soon includes file upload of your lists!

File format will need to be an XML file format called a "plist" which can be created several ways.  If you have a spreadsheet, like Excel, please follow these steps:

1. Make sure your column headers include the tags used by BookList:

Author, Title, SeriesName, DateRead, Genre, LoanedTo, Rating, Tags, Notes

These tags are case sensitive. Only Author and Title are required, and the column order doesn't matter.

2. Remove all extra empty rows and columns from the sheet.

3. Export the data to a CSV file.

4. There's an excellent free utility for the Mac to convert the CSV into a PLIST file written by Danilo Campos and available here.

5. Launch BookList on your iPhone/iPod and visit the "Util" page to start the file server.  Then from your Mac or PC visit one of the URLs listed on the iPhone screen (the local network one works best typically 192.168...). There you can upload the new PLIST file for import.

Here's a sample PLIST file.

Find BookList in the App Store or in iTunes now!